Loving Yourself Through the Flaws

by | 5.8.2017 | Beauty & Fitness, Blog

One of the most important parts of our method is related to our thinking. You must think healthy and productively in order to become your best self. You’re thinking is what defines your reality. If you can think it you can do it. Many people don’t understand the power of their mind; the power of being able to see past their physical circumstances to possibilities of the future.

Understanding and unlocking the power of your thinking can and will catapult you into success in all areas of your life. One of the most important aspects of thinking healthy is finding expectance in your flaws. In my current situation/season I have come to understand that an authentic relationship with my creator is not defined by perfection on my part but rather understanding that my flaws and imperfections are what make his love perfect in me. I’m finding more and more everyday through these most difficult seasons that my imperfections are what make me my authentic self. They are what define my journey to becoming the woman that God intended me to become. Without my flaws and mistakes and shortcomings I would not be able to evolve into the same powerful, world changing woman that God has intended and without your flaws neither will you.

I want to free you today to be flawed. With that being said, don’t overlook the things you are struggling with but rather learn from them. I want to encourage you to move away from religious like behavior. I want you to move away from doing what is “good” and move towards pursuing an authentic relationship with your creator. Your creator understands your imperfection and wants you to grow through them to know him better. He loves you already knowing all you could ever do; now all you have to do is learn to love yourself enough to see his love for you as well.

Let’s lean to transform your thinking about “self” into a concerted and constructive focus on becoming a more authentic “you”. Ask yourself how and why are you making certain choices in your life. Develop a practice of constructively evaluating the why behind your intentions and shortcomings. Adapt a creativity approach to becoming your best self through correcting the choices you make rather than attacking your value or quality as a woman. We all fall short, what you do with the shortcomings defines your power to dominate the life you have been given.

Don’t fall victim one minute to the lies that you are not enough bc of your past or present. You are more than enough. You just have to begin to see yourself as God sees you. Through love, grace and forgiveness.

On a personal note, in this season of my life I feel like I’m failing at everything in some way. With all that being said, I’ve never felt more authentically connected to my savior. Here is a little of my mantra for this season of my life. I hope it blesses you and frees you to embrace all parts of your evaluation to becoming all God has created you to be.

  • No more religious living and doing things that seem right out of fear of what people think or not being Christian enough, or a good enough mother, or a good enough wife or business women.
  • No more doing what pleases everyone else.
  • Even in all my mess, I desire to please my creator most authentically.
  • Today I stand in complete acceptance of all my flaws. The ones that I know and the ones that I’m still discovering.
  • Today I extended and acceptance of all the things about me that I can’t change and the things about me that I can change for the better.
  • I am fearfully and wonderfully made despite my past, despite my present and despite what others think of me.
  • I am powerful because God has anointed me with power to be all that he has places in my heart.
  • I am whole because I choose wholeness.
  • Today I walk fully in the love of Christ in my life, and his love I am perfect.

Remember that you are more than enough right where you are and you CAN love yourself fully right where you are despite any negative around you. Change the way you think related to your flaws; they are what makes you who you are. Resolve never to run away from your flaws but to utilize them as strength and fuel to become the best version of yourself possible.