Get Addicted to Results

by | 5.1.2017 | Beauty & Fitness

Getting addicted to the results… People always ask me how I’m able to stay vegan and be disciplined with the way that I treat my body. The answer is simple, the results that I get from treating my body with love and respect (food, fitness and thinking) outweigh any temptation from a cheeseburger or any other health compromising foods. I want to encourage you to get addicted to the results that you desire for your health. For me, it’s not just about what my body looks like it’s about how I feel. I can honestly say I’m addicted to vitality; my body feeling completely alive. There’s nothing that can compare to the natural energy, the mental clarity, the sense of well-being and overall how my body functions and moves. I never experienced anything like this before I began eating a Whole Foods planted based foods. Anytime I compromise my eating and I feel any different than amazing, it only motivates me to go back to what is best for me.

Perspective is also key. Lets be honest, nutrition shouldn’t be or feel like a chore but an exciting journey of getting to your best self and feeling your healthiest. When you come from this perspective its so much easier to get focused and committed to your health journey. Who wants to be addicted to something that’s taxing, stressful and miserable. Absolutely no one!!!! So make your health journey fun an exciting. Incorporate foods in your diet that are absolutely enjoyable and compliment Health and wellness at the same time. And don’t think it’s impossible, it totally is.  I can honestly say that I love all of my food and almost everyone of my meals are very, very, very satiating. Sure there’s times where I have to eat mechanically because I need calories and nutrients but that’s not all the time. It’s during times when I’m in a rush and anyone in my position would be doing the same thing; eating whats on hand.  I just happen to choose eating six bananas opposed to having a cheeseburger on the run. It all comes down to perspective and the choices you make because of that perspective. Again, I make the results of how I feel most important.

Having the wrong focus is an issue as well. So many people focus only on what their body looks like right now and forget that you have to nourish and live in health for a lifetime. One day you’ll be 79 and then 80 and then 90… I always pose a question to myself of what I want to feel like at those ages as well based on how I treat my body today. I want to feel my best. I want to look my best. And I want function at my best for a lifetime. So right now my addiction is to be my healthiest self and eliminating anythings in my life that compromise it in anyway.

My backstory… it wasn’t always this way. I used to be addicted to the wrong things. More related to what my body looks like opposed to how I felt or ultimate health. And being focused on the wrong addiction related health can cost you, for me it cost me vitality, mental clarity and feeling free. In that place I was constantly doing things that actually hurt my health rather than promoted health; diet pills, starving, purging and over exercising. Even though I had the perfect body felt like shit which really comes down to the reality… what’s the point anyways. Who wants to look beautiful but feel terrible, have a perfect body but have no energy or be hungry and starving. Absolutely no one!!!! So that brings me to why I went plant based in the first place. Now it’s all about feeling my best and the looking my best is a natural byproduct of nourishing my body the right way.

So cheers to healthy addictions that help you become your best self and thats greatest service to those you love and to the world around you.