Summer Ready 101

by | 4.9.2017 | Beauty & Fitness, Blog

Summer Ready 101

Now that summer is around the corner, so many of you are running to the fad diet Shops to pick up anything you can find for a quick, bikini body fix. Unfortunately, it usually doesn’t workout and we miss the mark for summer, and some of us end up on the “avoidance train” related to all beach, pool and outdoor summer fun because of it. I want to encourage you to stop the madness and start nourishing for your health. Yes, getting beach ready can be fun, especially if you win in the end and fit into the special bikini-thing you were hoping for. But what happens after the fad diet slim downs? Many rebound and gain even more weight then before. So, lets do something different this year. Lets aim for healthy lifestyle changes that will have you feeling amazing all summer and looking great even past the summer heat wave.

Tip#1: Drink Water. Hydration will help you rev up your metabolism and shed excess weight light like a boss. Just be consistent and don’t skip even one day. Set your goal for a minimum of 3 litters of pure H2O per day.

Tip#2: Eat Baby Eat: Eating heats up your metabolism as well, so eat often and eat clean, unprocessed foods. Ditch the dairy, gluten and processed sugars. Stick to a clean eating plan like our Sexy-n-Seven or Ultimate Reboot.

Tip#3: Find Balance: Hormones are one of the biggest culprits for excess body weight, opt for taking maca root, sunflower lecithin and shilajit daily in a yummy morning drink instead of coffee.
Tip#4: Get Moving: Join a fun fitness class or try our online livestream for fun ways to get fit and tone your body while shedding pounds. Don’t over doit either, do something that you enjoy that challenges you, not kills you. Remember, you want to make it to summer in one piece, not in pieces.

Tip#5: Listen To Your Body: Pay attention to how what you are eating makes you feel. If something make you feel groggy after eating, bloated, inflamed, swollen, fatigued or weighty, stop eating those foods and opt for options that leave you energized after your meals and feeling satiated.

Tip#6: Eat Your Plants: Eating more plants foods, including lots of fresh, ripe juice fruits while lowering animal product consumption to once a day or less will shed pounds quickly, energize you and help balance hormones naturally. Just make sure to eat enough of your plants, skimping on calories or plant carb while eating a high plant-based diet is a bad idea. Plant calories are not equal to processed food and animal calories, so eat up and eat often. plant calories equal dope energy, so get enough.

Tip#7: Get Sleep: Beauty sleep is just that, a beauty enhancer and your body compositions best friend. HGH releases at night helping keep you youthful and beautiful, but you have to get to bed by 10pm to get the benefits, so turn off those devices and get your much needed zzzzzzzz’s.