Why Rest?

by | 4.24.2017 | Beauty & Fitness

It’s been an interesting journey for me recovering from my hormonal issues and getting back to my normal body weight. One thing I struggle with now however is overworking my body a bit. Often times I use working out as a stress reliever and also the time I do much of my affirmations and meditation. This is all a positive. However, when it comes to longevity, losing weight, gaining strength, and seeing the most transformation in your body, you must rest.

I’ve met a few people in my journey to wellness that have given me some awesome nuggets of wisdom. Specifically I have an older friend in his late 70s, a formal runner who comes to share lots of nuggets when ever I run into him at the gym. The latest was to slow down and rest a few days out of the week. Mind you, is knees and feet are a bit mangled from all those years of running (which makes his words of warning even more impactful). And with my own knees and body aching a little bit more than I’m used to these days, the advice came at just the right time.

Now I’m learning now to incorporate a rest day throughout the week after my hardcore workout days. There different types of rest that you can do, some which involves what I call “active” rest. This is where you are doing lite forms of body weight style movements. There’s also rest days that involves only flexibility which is a great time for those of you who love yoga to incorporate a nice yoga class or even aerial yoga class. There’re also compiler rest days that include just plan resting like going to the hot tub or soaking in a nice absence off asked to recover. For me I’m incorporating each of these three days per week. I know that sounds like a lot, and you maybe worry about losing progress with your training. Don’t worry, you may find by adding rest days you will progress faster and gain more strength and endurance on the days you do perform.

Let me explain how this works. On the days that you’re working out (especially if you’re doing one of my workouts) you’re your breaking down your muscles and burning tons of calories and fat. To gain strength you must allow your muscles time to recover and heal. On those rest days your muscles will have time to completely recover and you’ll find when you return to that work out ,whether it’s a pull up session or handstand push-ups, you’ll be stronger than you were a few days prior. well repaired muscle fibers = strength gained. Resting also helps reduce inflammation in the body which allows you to perform and feel better as well. Now lets get to the unknown self sabatablign part of over working during weight loss. Cortisol loves rise with stress, and directly effects your waistline. Cortisol is the hormone that will have yo unpacking on the pound around the midsection faster than eating a double double axial style. Rest however, in between those hard working days, helps level out the cortisol levels therefor helping you shed tummy fat fast.

Now with all this being said, I’m not saying take off an entire week from working out or eat double double. What I’m telling you is to work your butt off during your working days and Incorporated rest days after those hard-working days to allow your body to recover. This will empower your body grow in strength and endurance must more quickly.

So Let’s do quick recap how do I can make this work for you.

  • Rest at least three days per week
  • Work out four days per week doing any of our online programs
  • Incorporate different types of rest days which can include:
    • Active rest: light body weight style movements and stretching
    • Stretching: working on pure flexibility.
    • Complete rest: jump in the hot tub or an Epson salt bath

I challenge you to try this out over the next three weeks and let me know what you think. I’m almost positive you are going to break to that plateau of weight loss that you’ve been fighting. I also would expect you to feel more energized and more powerful during your workouts. Lets get out there and do this health thing together. Follow us on social media like Instagram and Facebook all @TruVitality

Sending you love, rest and encouragement.